Can you guess the country with the most islands?

by daisy
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An island holiday is most people’s idea of paradise. When you think of countries with the most islands you likely think of Indonesia and the Philippines and you would be right, they have plenty. However, the country with the most islands in the world is not ideal for a sun holiday getaway. Take your guess now and read on to find out …

Indonesia, 17,508 

While Indonesia has many islands it is not number one. It may be one of the best island locations to visit though. The archipelago of volcanic islands has everything an island hopper could dream of. You can literally descend into a volcano on one island. For those looking for a surf safari, a yoga getaway or an adventure hike, Indonesia has the perfect island for you.

Canada, 52,455

Canada has 52,455 islands. While not the exotic getaway that Indonesia offers it is still a beautiful collection of islands. In Canada, there is one island called Manitoulin that holds the proud place for being the largest freshwater island in the world. In fact on this island there 17 smaller lakes with many smaller islands on them as well. Islandception.

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Norway 55,000

Norway is a country known for its incredible beauty and the islands are a pristine part of that. The destination is loved by sea kayakers around the world to explore the many thousands of islands.

Finland 179,584

Anything Norway can do, Finland can do better, or so they claim. Finland has almost 200,000 islands but only 455 have permanent settlers. 

Sweden 221,800

With Norway and Finland in the third and second spot, we could have guessed that Sweden would take the top spot. The country has over 200,000 islands making it the most island covered country in the world. Even the capital city Stockholm is built on a small archipelago of 14 islands connected by over 50 bridges. Some of the islands of Sweden have become historic landmarks with structures dating back 5,000 years.

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