The beauty of language and the Kangaroo word

by daisy
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Language and words have some amazing attributes. It is so fascinating to see anagrams of different words turned into ironic phrases that you can’t help but feel they are more than just a coincidence. It is not just fun anagrams either. The written word is hidden with fun tricks. One amazing thing that we found out about recently was the Kangaroo word. Read on to find out more.

Brilliant anagrams are hard to beat. When you realize the word customers can be rearranged to write store scum or that dormitory can read dirty room you can only marvel at how language works. Palindromes are incredible too where one word or sentence can be spelled backward to reveal the same word or sentence, racecar is a simple example and surely the best. However, we have now found out about the Kangaroo word and think it may be better than both. 

A Kangaroo word is when one word contains another word and this second smaller word means the same thing. The second word must be spelled in the right order but you are allowed to remove any letters from the first word to make it work. Blossoms is a great example as if you remove the three s’s you are left with bloom. Bloom and blossom are synonyms and can be used interchangeably.

The fun thing is that the second smaller word is called a Joey. So just like a joey fits in the pouch of a Kangaroo, so too does a Joey word fit inside a Kangaroo word. Another great example is the word banish, which if you remove the ish you are left with ban, meaning the same thing. Some other examples are a little more philosophical but still great fun, for example, the word breathe, if you remove r,a,t,h,e you are left with be. Of course, to ‘be’ you must breathe! It is a little bit of a stretch but we like it

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Can you think of any more fantastic example of kangaroo words? Please let us know because we are getting very little work done in the office today due to this amazing distraction.

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