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The most popular country in the world for tourists

by savannah
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Tourism continues to grow across the world. As people have more disposable income they increasingly want to spend it on travel with the further the destination, the more appealing. Yet despite Instagram popularising many far away and extreme places, the number 1 visited country in the world is not so surprising. For yet another year France tops the list as the most visited country. Read on to find out why.

Location, Location, Location

Despite people being willing to travel further and further to explore the globe, it is hard to beat something beautiful that is right next door. For the large populations of the UK, Italy, Spain, and Germany, France offers convenience and so much more at a low travel cost.

The most romantic city in the world

Paris continues to draw huge numbers every year. With incredible architecture, landmarks, stunning art, delicious food, unique culture and Disneyland, Paris has much to offer romantic couples, families and solo travelers all in one place. 

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France has something for everyone

Rolling countrysides, snowy mountains, incredible beaches, and cultural havens are just some of the things that can be found across France. Whether you want to go snowboarding for a week or on a vineyard tour for a month France has something to offer everyone.

Just passing through

Of course, France’s location means that it gets a lot of people passing through too. While flights across Europe are cheap the ease of travel between countries is now so easy thanks to European policy. Taking a bus from Spain to Italy is not a crazy idea and a small stopover in France could be delightful. France is a halfway point for many European travelers and benefits in numbers for this reason.

What do you think? Have you been to France? Would you love to go? What is the one thing you would love to do in France or what is the one reason you would never like to go there? Let us know.

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