The smallest country in the world (by height)

by savannah
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Height is a strange thing. It is something we have no control over (unless you choose a mate based on their height for the benefit of your kids). It is something that doesn’t really impact us in life. Yet it is something that people can’t help but focus on. If you are slightly smaller than average I am sure people comment on it all the time. If you are slightly taller than average I have no doubt that at some point someone asked you how the weather was up there. It appears in the land of small talk where people never know the right thing to say, height is an easy place to go. In an effort to help you with your ‘small’ talk we will tell you all about small people. 

The smallest people currently alive today are Jyoti Amge from India and Junrey Balawing from the Philippines. Jyoti is 25 years old and holds the Guinness world record for being the smallest woman alive at just 62.8cm (2 feet). Junrey is the smallest man alive is also 25 and is only 59.9cm tall. 

While the Philippines and India are often touted for having small people they are not the smallest country in the world. We looked at statistics for the average height of each country in the world and found that India only came in 14th smallest with an average of 158.76 cm while the Philippines came in as 5th smallest with an average of 156.41 cm

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Guatemala, Madagascar (penguins not included) and Laos took the 4th, 3rd, and 2nd spot respectively. The nation with the smallest average person is actually Timor- Leste at an average of 155.47 cm just over five feet. The country is located in South East Asia on one half of the island Timor. The population is just over 1 million people. 

There you have it, the next time someone calls you small or tall tell them you have plans to move to Timor Leste to either blend in with the crowd or rule as a deity.

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