The strange condition named after Alice in Wonderland

by savannah
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While we all loved reading about Alice’s time in wonderland when were young (or still do) and many of us would love to go on the adventures that she did, none of us would like to experience some of the strange feelings she had. During the movie, Alice shrinks incredibly small and grows very tall. She does these things after drinking a strange liquid and eating strange food. To feel these effects without taking any strange substances would be very worrying. Yet doctors now confirm that Alice in Wonderland Syndrome is very real. Read on to know more.

The syndrome, also known as Todd syndrome is when someone feels like objects are getting bigger or smaller or moving further away. It is a sense of disorientation to your environment. People often feel like time is moving faster or slower and that their limbs are not under their control. It is often accompanied by migraines with many thinking it is a form of a migraine taking place. The syndrome is not a hallucination or a problem with your eyes.

It is unknown what causes Alice in Wonderland Syndrome but leading researchers believe that it is related to brain activity with extra blood flow being directed to certain parts of the brain. 

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Doctors say that it is not a serious condition and that most people outgrow it as a young adult. However while experiencing it can be very frightening for anyone, especially young children. People may feel the effects of it several times a day for several days and then not again for weeks or months. 

The best treatment is just to rest and let your body recover. Anything that could cause a migraine should likely be avoided as it could trigger the symptoms again. While it is not serious it is very strange so make sure you seek help from a doctor if you feel any of the symptoms and get properly checked out.

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