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The world is too negative. If you watch the news, you are likely bombarded with the disasters and tragedies that have taken place worldwide or in your country. Yet every day, amazing, positive things happen. While we need to learn from our mistakes, we also need to be inspired by our achievements. 

At Smart World, we want to share with you the most intelligent and impressive things happening around the world each and every day. The world is full of incredibly talented and smart people who achieve greatness all the time. We will endeavor to share with you some of the smartest feats of man ever seen. 

At Smart World, we also want to focus on how smart the world we live in is. Nature is a complex beast, and we want to shine a light on some of the incredible things that we sometimes take for granted. We also want you to learn something new by reading this site, so we will share some of the most interesting things we find for you to share with the world.

Topics covered will include animals, people, science, and technology, as well as some of the most interesting facts we find. We hope that by reading the articles on this site, it will enrich your day, enrich your knowledge and make you sit back and admire the world that you are a part of. 

At Smart World, our aim is not only to brighten your day but to enlighten it too.


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